Dear Friends. I am now offering pay what you can virtual zoom classes. These classes can be private or with a group, such as family or friends.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact me for more details.  Although we cannot physically be together during this pandemic let's support each other the best we can.
About Me

What I Study

What I Teach

I teach yoga asana and mindful flow classes in Salt Lake City Utah. I have been studying and practicing yoga for over 10 years.  Through the years I have grown increasingly interested in and been informed by biomechanics, polyvagal theory, fascial research, somatic movement, as well as neuroscience and how it relates to mindfulness. Incorporating these elements into the practice of yoga has led me on a deeper search for what it means to be present and aware in this modern-day society. Contemporary research on meditation and movement-based practices in many ways confirms the significance that yoga, or any dharma based practice, has to increase our capacity as humans for love, compassion and more intentional liberated movement. The practice of yoga has invited me into a deeper understanding and connection to myself and others.  I am passionate about teaching what I have learned.  I teach asana with a focus rooted in building awareness and proprioception while creating new neural pathways that allow for more organized movement. 

 In my teaching, I emphasize finding focus, presence, inner strength, balance, acceptance, and confidence to move more freely from within.  I have completed over 1300 hours in certified yoga teacher training. 

"Yoga is skill in action."

-Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. -Bruce Lee
Group Classes 
Currently Not Available 

Get together a group of friends and enjoy a class led by me that is personalized to your needs. This is a great way to bring a practice of movement, presence, and yoga social group. This can be an ongoing meetup or a one-time thing. Prices are on a sliding scale.

Bring A Class To Your Workplace
Currently Not Available

Incorporating a group yoga class into your workplace is a great way to show appreciation to your staff and yourself.  I am available for short midday sessions that allow you and your employees just enough time to unwind and move. 

Private Sessions
Currently Not Available
Pay What You Can
Private Class Via Zoom

Working one on one is the best way to personalize your practice to suit your needs.  Private sessions include assessments around conversation so we can work together to incorporate a practice that makes sense for you. Note: private sessions are not to be substituted for physical therapy or medical treatment but can be a wonderful supplement to both.  Prices are on a sliding scale. 

Schedule a private zoom class  for you or a group of friends. Pricing is based on a pay what you can sliding scale. My intention is to make these classes as affordable and accessible as possible during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact me for more details and we can work out a price that works for you.


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